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SuperDiy 'PUNK.ROCK.KT2.' T-Shirt

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This TShirt represents our years of dedication to doing it all ourselves. From putting on shows to recording our own music to our own videos and for whatever tomorrow holds. We originally made this TShirt for our hardcore fans who wanted to donate money to help us put on Pizza Party shows for WarChild UK - so this TShirt really represents that. You'll get an instant Hi-5 wearing this at our shows from us. Promise - so don't buy it if you don't want a Hi-5.

The bottom of the the shirt says "PUNK. ROCK. KT2". The 'KT2' is also the start of the postcode of where our Pizza Parties take place, at our home from home, 'The Fighting Cocks' in Kingston Upon Thames. It's also the postcode where we've shot a lot of videos and pretty much met to form this band. Most of our songs were born here - it means a lot to us.