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ANWE Controller T-Shirt: BLUE

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Image of ANWE Controller T-Shirt: BLUE

A classic homage to our favourite controller of all time, in what is probably our favourite ANWE TShirt's of all time! We're not making these again - we decided to never make the same tshirt twice... but we've got a few left in stock from last year's run of shows so snap one up while you can! (Only the remaining sizes will be displayed on the site, so if you want a size and it no longer appears, sorry - that is now sold out for good).

They feature A-N-W-E on each button and the words 'STAY' & 'TRUE' on the center buttons. It doesn't get much more detailed and cooler than that!

These shirts are 'GILDAN HEAVY COTTON'. Available in BLACK/PINK/LIGHT BLUE so please check you're on the right colour's page before ordering.